Monday, 30 March 2009

Relatives who fought and died in World War One

Lucy is going on a Selby High School trip to the Battlefields of WWI in May and so I spent yesterday afternoon trying to track down the burial places of her great, great uncles. My father showed me how to look up the burial sites of soldiers on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site and we also tracked down the military service records of my grandfather and Chris' grandfather on the National Archive web site

Chris' grandmother, Beatrice Gresham (nee Long) had two older brothers who died in 1916. Henry Archibald Long was 31 when he was killed in action on the Somme. His body was never found and he has no grave but his name is inscribed on the Thiepval Memorial. He died on 15th August 1916 and his younger brother, Guy Steer Long was killed in action 13 days later on 28th August. He is buried in Villers-Bretonneux Military Ceremony near Amiens (See picture Source: CWGC web site).

Both Chris and I had a grandfather who served in WW1. Chris' grandfather, Arthur Gresham Modlock was a Captain in the Royal Field Artillery and was awarded the Military Cross for his heroic service in the defence of the Messines Ridge in 1917. We even managed to find his citation in the London Gazette in May 1918.

My grandfather, George Bowcock was a Private in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was awarded a number of campaign medals. George Bowcock was a butcher by trade which is presumably why he found himself in the Medical Corps.

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