Thursday, 22 November 2007

Chris courts controversy and posts his first blog comment

Chris had a book review 'A sixth mass extinction?' published in Nature last week. His review has been misquoted as 'Nature endorses human extinction' on a blog hosted by the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. Only one of the many people have who have commented on the blog recognise the quoted text (see below) as dry wit.
"Humans will presumably be gone within a few million years, perhaps sooner. If the past that Novacek describes is a guide to the future, global ecosystem processes will be restored some tens of thousands to a million years after our demise, and new forms of life over the ensuing millions of years will exploit the denuded planet we leave behind. Thirty million years on, things will be back to normal, albeit a very different `normal' from before. It is good to be optimistic. The problem is living here in the meantime".
But then Chis is often the only one who laughs at his own jokes.

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