Sunday, 18 November 2007

Cambridge Networking Lunch

I hadn't been back to Cambridge, the University or Newnham College since the day I graduated in June 82. Just over 25 years later very little had changed. Newnham has a new library, buttery and extra residential wing but the main victorian buildings and garden were unchanged except for some garden lighting and the loss of a few trees. The new wing is named after Rosalind Franklin and is one of the many examples of posthumous recognition awarded to Rosalind for her contribution to the discovery of the structure of DNA

Lucy, Alice, Hannah, Rose and Justine were suitably impressed and posed for this photo outside the room I had in Sidgewick Hall in my final year.
Whilst the girls went shopping, visited some of the other colleges and generally gained an impression of the University and town, I met up with Newnham Natural Scientists past and present over lunch. Although one of the main aims of the lunch was to enable current students to meet women scientists at a later stage in their careers very few current students attended. Despite that us 'old girls' enjoyed sharing memories of the college and catching up on what people were doing now.

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