Thursday, 11 October 2007

Visit to York College

Rose and Alice are in their final year at Selby High School. It doesn't seem any time at all since we were choosing High Schools and now we (or should I say they) have to decide where to study their A levels. Thursday night was the York College open evening. The College is now housed in one brand new building with four wings on four floors round a very impressive central atrium. Chris and I were most impressed by the small size of the new classrooms. None of them would comfortably fit more than 25. Listening to staff we realised that the A level sets are almost always less than 20. At the moment Alice is planning to do Maths, Chemistry and Geography A level plus a BTEC Award (I A level equivalent) in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre). Rose also wants to do Maths and Chemistry but with Philosophy and Psychology. We are going to visit Selby College open evening on Tuesday to see what they have to offer. If they want to do A levels that aren't offered at Selby College they will get subsidised travel (£300 a year) to York College.

On the way home Alice was worrying that she wouldn't get into the Musical Theatre class because there are only 20 places and students have to audition!

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