Thursday, 18 October 2007

Governor's Awards evening, Selby Abbey

After 5 years as a parent at Selby High School I have finally made it to the Governor's Awards evening in Selby Abbey. In fact I had two invitations this year; once because Alice won the prize for performing arts and once because I'm now a parent-governor. Chris missed out because he was away at a meeting on climate change research funding in Cambridge. Since Alice was getting the Carentan Cup for Excellence in Music she was also singing a solo. The acoustics in the abbey, the song 'Castle on Cloud' from Les Miserables, and Alice's voice were all excellent. Unfortunately the pianist forgot to play the repeats and suffered a glowering look from Alice which detracted slightly from the performance. On the positive side, Alice felt that she recieved more compliments because the performance went wrong.

Selby is twinned with Carentan, France hence the name of the trophy. Carentan is also notable for the Battle of Carentan during World War II.

Picture: Alice's cup, medal and certificate

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