Sunday, 29 May 2011

Goodbye Aga

Having named this blog 'Aga Kitchen Tales', previously posted a blog about my Aga and even registered my Aga on the 'This is my Aga' website, I'm now saying goodbye to the Aga. Like many others, I've decided I can't afford to keep my oil-guzzling Aga going. I could swap to an electric Aga but I've decided to go for an electric range with 5 hotplates, a grill and a warming plate.

Saying goodbye to an Aga is not something you can do instantly. I've switched it off this evening so we can remove the fitted worktops from around it tomorrow. On Tuesday the plumber is coming to disconnect the hot water supply and oil pipes, and then on Wednesday I've got two men coming from Avec Cookers to dismantle it and take all the pieces away. They will be able to use bits of my Aga as spares for their re-conditioned Agas.

I'm also going to have to rename this blog. I've been trying to think of a title all evening.

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