Monday, 14 April 2008

Ness Gardens - Happy memories

When I got home from work this evening the postman had delivered a copy of Insight, the University of Liverpool alumni magazine. Being 'in the business' I like to look through this and CAM the alumni magazine from the University of Cambridge to keep up with what is going on and to spot any of my contempories who may be mentioned.

The current edition of Insight has a two page article on Ness Gardens with an invitation to anyone who carried out research at Ness Gardens to send in their memories and photos.

All my photos are slides and, when I searched them out this evening they were still sellotaped into their boxes since the last time we moved (or maybe the time before that) but I've just spent a happy hour going through them. UnfortunatelyI can't find the bit that came with my scanner that can be used for scanning slides.

I did my PhD research at Ness Gardens from 1982-85 and was there during the restoration of the Gardens under the Director Ken Hulme. I remember the opening of the Conservatory in 1984 and the excellent departmental garden parties every summer. I keep in touch with a few of the other PhD students who worked at Ness at the same time; Dave Watson, Margaret Hill and Jill Thompson.

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