Friday, 14 March 2008

Mumsnet - not just for new mums

I was reading an article in The Times today 'Mumsnet parenting advice expands to books' about the "addictive world of Mumsnet". Although I'd read about Mumsnet before I had always imagine it was for pre- and post-natal mums to swop information about buggies and breastfeeding - things I long ago lost interest in.

Having logged in I found that there are discussion threads for parents of teens, larger families, multiples and secondary schools. I haven't felt the need to start a new discussion (yet) but I've posted my thoughts on the state of teenagers bedrooms, how often I change the sheets on the children's beds and whether or not to allow boyfriends to sleep over. Its a great place to find out what other parents put up with, worry about and celebrate. I'd recommend it.

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